Letterman and ABC

ABC is rumored to talking to late night host David Letterman to move from CBS to the Mouse Network.

What could Mickey and Eisner offer New York Dave? The Big Cheese?

It is mighty tempting.

One can never have too much cheese.

We learned that from the Enron hearings.


If Letterman moves to ABC, he would displace newman Ted Koppel, the anchor of NIGHTLINE, the anti-talk show news show. Koppel and the news department is furious at the thought that they would be replaced with a slapstick comic when there is real news to be covered in depth at the network.

But the journalism department fails to realize that ABC is an entertainment company, and the news is another form of entertainment.

For cross marketing. For promotion.

For sales of Ted Puppet Dolls.

Letterman's First Day at ABC:


“Hey, this is not what I bargained for.

John, that better be the telestrator that I'm sitting on.”