1. Where is Saddam?

a. With bin Laden

b. In a cave

c. In New Jersey

d. All of the Above

2. Where is Dick Cheney?

a. With George Bush

b. In a cave

c. In New Jersey

d. All of the Above

3. What is in common with modern politics?

a. Evolution

b. Revolution

c. Convolution

d All of the Above

4. Bill Clinton's legacy is:

a. A blue stained dress

b. A blood stained foreign policy

c. A red ink fraudulent economy

d. All of the Above

5. When is “Zero Percent” not good?

a. Your chances on a first date

b. Your chances to be Detroit Tiger all-star

c. Recommended salary raise on annual review

d. All of the Above

6. After Iraq TV war, what will soccer moms be driving next year?

a. Bloomer mobile sat stations

b. HumVees

c. Abrams A1A tanks

d. All of the Above

7. How low can the reality television programming go?

a. Proctologists Undercover

b. This Week in Hell

c. Dr. Seuss Takes Hostages

d. Political Candidate Coaching or Do You Really Want to See How Sausage is Made?